This is EEExtension, possibly the first extension pack for
Everybody Edits. I, Seb135, plan to add many features in
the hopefully near future, but for now, this is what there is
so far:

Added smileys:
 Green Dragon 2.0
 Earth 1
 Earth 2*
 Oldschool Zombie
 Flaming Demon*
Big thanks to Notcarksss (NightcoreRYT) for fixing up the six smileys from Smiley to Sad, as well as finding the animation for Fire Demon and animating Propeller.
He'll be designing smileys from now on as I completely suck.

 Note: if a single smiley has multiple images (eg, Earth 2), it can be clicked multiple times to change the variant. :)
* Animated smiley
-Flaming Demon is animated as a separate smiley. The original, Fire Demon, has been retextured to the original made by MrShoe
-Propeller has not been added separately, but the original has been animated

Quality of life:
Improved friendlist - shows a more accurate "last seen"
-exact seconds instead of "A few seconds ago"
-minutes and seconds for up to 10 minutes ago (eg, 9 minutes and 59 seconds ago)
-hours and minutes (eg, 1 hour and 30 minutes ago)
-1 day and hours instead of "Yesterday" (eg, 1 day and 12 hours ago)
-exact date instead of "More than 1 year ago" (eg, 30th of May, 2015)
New commands - all of the new commands (existing and WIP) can be viewed with /help2
Currently added and working:
-/ping - coin sound when your name is mentioned